Jewellery brands are making the most of the upcoming Diamond Jubilee and Olympics by designing patriotic bracelets, necklaces and ladies watches.

Due to these events, many of us Brits are feeling more patriotic and want to show off our nationality through our clothes, make up and jewellery.

Some jewellery manufacturers have released necklaces with crown designs, while others have created red, white and blue bracelets.

One such brand is Shamballa, which has played up to the renewed patriotism in the country and current friendship bracelet trend.

It has created a red, white and blue friendship bracelet made from crystals designed to catch the eye and help the wearer show off their love for the UK.

This bracelet also comes with glossy haematite beads for an added touch of glamour.

You can also rock a pair of red earrings or diamond jewellery to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee for 60 years on the throne this weekend (June 2nd to June 5th).

What’s more, London is set to become the number one city destination this summer, according to the Evening Standard, meaning there’ll be plenty of opportunities to flash your patriotic jewellery.

31-05-12 1 Jewellery brands celebrating Jubilee with patriotic pieces