Although Jessie J’s rise to superstardom occurred relatively fast, in the last 12 months she has stormed the charts with her resounding voice and imaginative style.

Now it seems the singer is upping the style stakes by removing her signature black fringe to unveil her forehead in a high ponytail dubbed the Scouse brow.

Pictured in the Daily Mail today (March 7th), Jessie sported midnight blue ensemble composed of ankle-length leggings, tie-dye-style t-shirt and silver jewellery, including hoop earrings.

While her look was characteristically quirky, it was the departure of her famed fringe that raised eyebrows, begging the question of whether she is trying to carry on a trend that first arose on TV show Desperate Scousewives.

The star is currently touring Australia but has suffered some setbacks as her voice has been causing her trouble.

Earlier today she took to Twitter to say: “Woah that wasn’t easy!!! Voice is TIYYAD and sound wasn’t great but MELBOURNE was insance!!!” [sic]

07-03-12 2 Jessie J attempting to set new hair trend