Jay-Z is thought to have bought his wife Beyonce a very special present to mark their fourth anniversary.

The pair tied the knot in April 2008 and to mark the anniversary of the occasion Jay-Z was seen leaving the prestigious jewellery shop Jacob & Co and speaking with the store’s owner.

While the rapper was not seen leaving with any items, it is thought that he was particularly interested in some of the company’s rare blue Lumina diamonds.

Picking out blue gems could be a symbolic purchase for Jay-Z, as the couple’s newborn daughter is named Blue Ivy.

And as it is thought her middle name is inspired by the IV symbols for the Roman numeral for four, it could be the fourth wedding anniversary is a significant one for the happy couple.

Jacob & Co is also a very popular choice for a number of celebrities, with music stars including Katy Perry and Madonna, through to footballers like David Beckham, being seen wearing their jewellery and ladies designer watches.

05-04-12 1 Jay-Z buys diamonds for Beyonce