Paris Hilton made headlines this week when she imposed a ban on an Australian reporter who dared to question her on what life was like post-fame.

The socialite was in the capital for the opening of a new nightclub, Marquee Sydney, and prior to the event posed for pictures at Bondi Beach in a patterned skirt and criss-cross midnight blue top, paired with a cream handbag and bangles.

It seems the laid-back way of life generally associated with Australia had little influence on Hilton, however, as she allegedly flared up following the brave questioning of a journalist for the Sunshine network.

The Simple Life star is said to have been offended when Edwina Bartholomew asked her what she planned to do after fame had passed her by.

According to a report from, it was not so much the question but Bartholomew’s closing comments that hurt Paris’ feelings.

The reporter was quoted as saying: “Evidently, when you’re famous for simply being famous, the thought that one day you may not be famous is simply too much to bear.”

While those words may have been enough for Hilton to tell the journalist she was no longer welcome at the nightclub opening, the star was later said to have retracted her statement.

Bartholomew took to Twitter to tell her followers that she had received an email from Paris to say she wasn’t offended and that she thought the interview went well.

The reporter followed this up with another tweet in which she said: “For those who give two hoots, yes, Paris did (re)invite me tonight. No, I won’t be going.”

Bartholomew evidently had better places to be as she was off to a friend’s wedding.

Meanwhile, the last movie Paris starred in was the TV feature The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation, released two years ago.

30-03-12 2 Hilton retracts ban on Aussie reporter