Heidi Montag looked a far cry from the glamour of reality series The Hills at a petrol station in Los Angeles recently when she stepped in store without any makeup.

The 25-year-old appeared pale and self-conscious as she tried to hide her face behind her hand, which was exhibiting a diamond ring, given to her by husband Spencer Pratt.

Although the star is typically radiant and beautiful, her look was particularly modest on the day in question, however, silver jewellery enhanced her appearance.

Montag paired a silver necklace and diamond earrings with a bright pink blouse and beige trousers, with her hair neatly piqued behind her shoulders.

Meanwhile, hubby Spencer was hardly his reality star self either, with the 28-year-old displaying a pot belly underneath his oversized blue polo-collared t-shirt.

The pair evidently planned to make the most of Valentine’s Day as Heidi took to Twitter to post a picture of a dining room decorated with hanging love hearts.

15-02-12 2 Heidi Montag stops off for petrol revealing makeup-free face