They are arguably the hottest couple on the planet right now and it seems their stylists may have been swapping notes as Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber stepped out in similar ensembles yesterday (February 23rd).

According to the Daily Mail, the pair took a romantic stroll to the Calabasas Commons in California for a sip of iced tea and some frozen yoghurt.

What was interesting however, was the fact they both sported shorts and t-shirts, although Gomez’s look was more feminine, while the Baby singer appeared more like a typical teenage boy.

Selena was elegant in thigh-high black shorts, a striped sleeveless t-shirt and oversized sunglasses.

The singer paired her outfit with a silver ring and over-the-shoulder handbag, leaving her dark locks to spill down her back.

Planet pop’s other Justin wore denim shorts cut at the knee, as well as blue trainers, a simple black tee and a silver medallion.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Bieber sparked controversy when he suggested homosexuality was a choice and abortion should never be an option, regardless of whether a woman has been raped.

24-02-12 1 Gomez and Baby singer step out in similar styles