It seems ladies designer watches may experience a revamp this year as manufacturers aim to revitalise the industry with glamorous and stylish designs, an expert has suggested.

Women in search of discount watches may soon notice a range of timepieces will incorporate more crystals and diamonds around the bezel, believes Sarah Bench, spokeswoman for

She said: “The general trends show a feel for the contemporary, an upsurge in nostalgia and bringing retro designs to the foreground.

“Manufacturers … will be bringing more new models to their existing ranges and demonstrating great new features with flair and design.”

The expert suggested this innovation was a response to the effects of mobile phones and other jewellery items that we wear on our wrists, which can lead women away from traditional ladies designer watches.

However, 2012 seems set to be the year of the timepiece with an increasing number of watches due to display the best in stylish time-keeping capability.

04-01-12 3 Glamour watches en vogue for 2012, expert suggests