Remember your schooldays when you used to exchange friendship bracelets with your best pals?

Well, friendship bracelets are now a hot jewellery trend for grown women as well as schoolchildren, according to Elle.

This type of bracelet was popular last year with spiked versions being the norm as this was a great way to rock the fetish fashion trend.

Now though, it’s all about colour so brighter is better when it comes to buying discount jewellery online.

What’s more, you don’t have to choose colourful bracelets made from fabric as metal charms are just as trendy this season.

This means you can buy Charm Candy to exchange with a friend in return for a bracelet or alternatively just keep it for yourself as they are very cute!

If you want to accessorise with friendship bracelets, wearing an arm-full of them is the way to go for a tres chic summer look.

21-05-12 1 Friendship bracelets are a hot jewellery trend