05-02-13 February birthstone - AmethystAmethyst is the birthstone for February and symbolises friendship and trust. Not only that but amethyst is said to have great healing and meditative powers. It is said that people who like the colour purple like to express their individuality –  sound like anyone you know born this month?!

It is said that the mythical origins of amethyst stem from Ancient Greece. The God of Intoxication, Dionysius, was insulted by a human and was so angry that he swore revenge on the next mortal he saw; he conjured up two tigers to carry out his wish. A young girl named Amethyst was on her way to pay tribute to the Goddess Dianna and was the unfortunate victim of Dionysius revenge. Dianna turned Amethyst into a quartz statue to protect her from the tigers and it was the tears of wine that Dionysius wept that turned the statue purple creating the famous gemstone we know today.

Made popular by its deep colour and relative affordability, amethyst is the perfect stone to be used in jewellery designs. The wide tonal range from light to dark purple and the availability of a wide range of shapes and sizes that lend themselves to creative cuts and designs are powerful reasons to use this stone in beautiful jewellery designs and are why it is such a popular choice.

Its stunning colour, ease of use and mythical powers all ensure Amethyst remains a very popular gemstone. Take a look at the amethyst jewellery  we stock at fantastic discount prices  here.