Prized for its colour, depth and versatility, the February birthstone, amethyst, has been a popular choice for jewellery for thousands of years


So February is already here; we find ourselves asking where the month of January disappeared to! It’s time for a new birthstone and it’s actually one of our favourites….amethyst.

In earlier times amethyst was said to symbolise celibacy which may explain why it was favoured by those in the Church, often being used in the decoration of religious artefacts and in rosaries. In Tibet the amethyst was dedicated to Buddah, and it is even referred to in the Bible. Some even say that this lovely semi-precious gemstone is said to have healing and meditative powers. Whether you think amethysts possess healing powers or can protect you against evil thoughts, as Leonardo da Vinci is said to have believed, one thing we know is they’ve proven to be popular in jewellery across the ages. Worn by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, amethysts looks great in their uncut state and also as highly polished cut gemstones making them ideal for both dainty and flamboyant designs in gold or silver.

Used in jewellery for 1,000’s of years, amethyst can bring a modern touch to a design depending on the type of cut used. Thanks to the relative affordability of amethyst, this semi-precious gemstone is often used in bolder designs featuring cuts of more interesting shapes such as hearts, tears and chequer cuts. These larger designs particularly lend themselves to being made in silver; the purple really pops when against the white metal and the overall look is both eye-catching and modern. The Diamore Primo range features larger central amethysts with a deep purple colour alongside sparkling cubic zirconias; the finished designs certainly pack a punch!

For a different look, amethysts seem to take on a warmer feel when paired with yellow gold! The richer hues of the stone become more apparent, regardless of whether the design features a rub or claw setting, and the stone certainly feels well established and ‘settled’ in yellow gold. In fact, some might say that the overall look is much more regal than when in silver or white gold.

Paler purple amethysts set within contemporary openwork white gold rings with diamonds bring this extremely versatile stone bang up to date giving the February birthstone a fresh new look.

Gentle creams of pearls look lovely when paired with amethyst quartz, where the irregular shapes of the amethyst create a focal point of a design and amethyst orbs can offer the perfect base to showcase intricate silver work. In fact, we can’t think of a more versatile gemstone within our collection here at Chapelle Jewellery. We think amethyst is one of those precious gem-stones which crosses all the age ranges and style preferences. When set in silver, gold or white gold, the versatility of amethysts is certainly evident as this wide range shows and the February birthstone has certainly established itself as one of our most treasured gemstones.