Emporio Armani Designer Watches – Great Gifts for Him and Her!


With their sleek, classic styling and distinctive logo, Emporio Armani watches are an instantly recognisable luxury brand. Combining contemporary shapes with traditional styles and always crafted from high grade materials, these stunning watches offer assured quality.

The clean lines and minimalist styling of Emporio Armani watches means that many designs are suitable for both men and women. The choice of whether to go for a larger or a smaller model becomes a matter of preference rather than gender! This uniformity of design across the Emporio Armani range, along with the classical styling, makes them a great choice for couples wanting matching timepieces. The enduring look ensures they will never go out of style, while the choice of fit enables couples to get a similar look at the perfect size for them.

In our opinion Emporio Armani watches are the epitome of luxury elegance and style, crafted with the same flair and attention to detail that makes Armani famous worldwide as a luxury designer brand.

We have picked out a few of our favourite ‘his and hers’ designs below, including some of the new Emporio Armani models that have just arrived in stock.

17-10-14 Emporio Armani Designer Watches 1.1
17-10-14 Emporio Armani Designer Watches 1.2 left
The rose gold coloured detailing on the faces of these Emporio Armani watches creates a lovely contrast against the brown case and bracelet. The ceramic material creates a lovely gleaming finish, which is strong and scratch resistant and both designs are 30m water resistant.


Brown numbers clearly display the time against the champagne dials of these watches. Surrounded by a stainless steel case, the colouring is picked up again in the leather straps, which have a shiny finish on the slimmer design. Both models are 50m water resistant.
17-10-14 Emporio Armani Designer Watches 2.1 right
17-10-14 Emporio Armani Designer Watches 2.2 right


17-10-14 Emporio Armani Designer Watches 3.1 left
17-10-14 Emporio Armani Designer Watches 3.2 left
These black Ceramica watches are almost identical, with one case being just slightly larger than the other. Both are chunky designs, with the strong black tones creating a striking effect. 30m water resistant. 


There are three similar designs in this style, two of which are almost identical and the third which is slimmer with a different texture to the leather strap. The black and silver tones creates a striking contrast and all three watches are 50m water resistant. 
17-10-14 Emporio Armani Designer Watches 4.1 right
17-10-14 Emporio Armani Designer Watches 4.2 right
17-10-14 Emporio Armani Designer Watches 4.3 right


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You can also view more designs online here.