Celebrate a May birthday with birthstone inspired jewellery!

The May birthstone is emerald, a striking green stone with vivid colours and positive symbolism. The emerald stone is said to symbolise new life, as well as being calm and soothing. Not only that but emerald is considered symbolic of true love and devotion. Apparently Cleopatra was a big fan of emeralds and wore lavish emerald jewellery and gave gifts of carved emerald gemstones. Need any more reason to celebrate a May birthday with emerald jewellery? No? Well I’ll tell you anyway…

20-05-14 Emerald Jewellery - May Birthstone 1 left
Spotted out and about at the beginning of May was the beautiful Victoria Beckham (the lovely David was not far behind). Victoria was celebrating her 40th birthday at a swanky London celeb hot spot and she teamed a stylish all black ensemble with a striking emerald green coloured ring. The large ring stood out against her black outfit; a very simple but clever styling tip. Victoria effortlessly displays how to incorporate emerald green jewellery into your birthday celebrations!

Next up we have the ever so stylish (and just been awarded the FHM Sexiest Woman Alive title) Jennifer Lawrence. She enjoyed an al fresco lunch in London with her other half, Nicholas Holt, recently and could clearly be seen wearing an eye-catching green coloured tear drop ring on her engagement finger.

It seems Jennifer is a fan of green, as at Cannes this weekend she accessorised her beautiful blue dress with a pair of striking green coloured earrings.

Although we are still waiting to hear news of an engagement, we are loving her choice of bright green accessories!

20-05-14 Emerald Jewellery - May Birthstone 2 right

20-05-14 Emerald Jewellery - May Birthstone 3 left

There are many ways to work emerald green into your wardrobe and accessories to celebrate a May birthday with the traditional stone. Wearing emerald green coloured jewellery is just one example, but you could do a Kylie Jenner and dye your hair to match your birthstone?!

If dyeing your hair is not really your thing and you would rather stick to accessorising, then shop with us and take a look at the full range of emerald jewellery and emerald coloured jewellery and designer watches we have on offer all with a guaranteed 30% off the RRP.