One of the main stars of a popular British TV show graced morning TV to speak about her departure as she wore a stunning ring with a turquoise gem.

Corrie star Sacha Parkinson got tongues wagging during her time on Coronation Street as lesbian teen Sian Powers who fell for best-friend Sophie, played by real-life bessie, Brooke Vincent.

The stunning actress, just 19 years of age, broke down in front of viewers as she watched a replay of her most romantic scenes with onscreen partner Sophie.

Her tears drew attention to the lovely gem ring resting on her index finger as she dabbed a tissue to the side of her eyes during ITV’s This Morning interview with presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

Parkinson was evidently embarrassed at her actions as she apologised to the presenters and tried to laugh the incident off.

It remains to be seen whether she indulged in some shopping for online jewellery, however, a matching silver bracelet complemented her ring as it also featured the turquoise gem.

The Corrie star is leaving the show, suggesting the romance between Sophie and Sian will come to an end following Sophie’s unfaithfulness with the sultry Amber.

Sacha is apparently excited about her future prospects, as she told Eamonn and Ruth she was enjoying attending auditions again.

She was joined on the sofa by co-star Brooke, who seemed unsure of how to react to her pal’s emotional display.

Vincent exhibited her taste for ladies designer watches as she sported a chunky gold timepiece on her left wrist.

It seems the dark-haired star has no plans to follow in the footsteps of Parkinson as she suggested she liked the comfort of a fixed routine provided by her role on the soap.

Parkinson first appeared in the ITV-made soap in 2009, following roles in Grange Hill, The Street and the movie A Boy Called Dad.

21-12-11 2 Corrie star graces morning TV in ring