With the popularity of Mad Men, cocktail rings have become a top jewellery trend once again.

These mini artworks started off as simple stone rings at the end of the Second World War as they were designed as conversation starters.

During the 1930s, 1940s and even the 1960s cocktail rings were all the rage but faded away in the 1970s and 80s when at-home drinking parties became less common.

Now, cocktail rings are back and bigger than ever thanks to Mad Men showing off 1960s fashion and the need to look glamorous despite the recession, claims Professional Jeweller.

Several celebrities are fans of cocktail rings, with Kourtney Kardashian sporting one on the front cover of Lucky magazine.

The US reality TV star teamed her monochrome outfit with a blue and silver cocktail ring to add a dash of colour to her ensemble.

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton also recently sported a cocktail ring when she reunited with her old band members to launch a new musical based on their back catalogue called ‘Viva Forever’.

03-07-12 2 Cocktail rings - top jewellery trend