Emily Blunt is a modern beauty whose success escalated following the release of The Devil Wears Prada in 2006.

Since then she has taken the lead role in a number of movies, including The Adjustment Bureau, but she still has time to front ad campaigns.

The 28-year-old from Roehampton, London, is stunning in a gold necklace as she stars in Yves St Laurent’s commercials for its Opium perfume.

The chain-link gold necklace drapes across Blunt’s chest as she proves just how much weight jewellery can add to an outfit.

Women in search of online jewellery may follow her lead as it is clear Blunt is viewed as something of a fashion icon when it is considered such a huge label selected her as the face of a campaign.

However, Blunt may not be aware of her own glamour as she told the Daily Telegraph she did not understand why she was chosen to front the commercials.

In her option, she is not French enough to pull off the image, however, the gold necklace hanging from her chest suggests otherwise, as she looks utterly beautiful.

She told the news provider: “God, I’m so un-French in that trailer.”

When asked why she thought she was picked for the role, she added: “I don’t know. I’ve no idea. There was no one else?”

Full of modesty, Blunt concluded: “They made a mistake, a terrible mistake.”

Her self-image may be somewhat distorted however, as her black suit, flowing auburn locks and gold necklace all work to suggest she deserves the prestigious role.

The actress has a number of upcoming roles in the pipeline and stars alongside Ewan McGregor in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, due out next March.

After that, she can be caught rechanneling her role in The Devil Wears Prada as she plays Miss Piggy’s receptionist in The Muppets, which hits UK screens in February.

21-12-11 Blunt fronts campaign in stunning gold necklace