04-03-13 Birthstone of the Month - March

Aquamarine is a pale blue stone that is used in modern jewellery due to the brilliant shine. This beautiful sea blue coloured stone has always been a popular choice as it is complimented by both yellow and white gold making for stunning, timeless pieces of jewellery. It is also the March birthstone.

Aquamarine comes in various shades that reflect the colours as well as the calming nature of the sea itself from subtle pastel blues and pale greens to deep sky blue.

Legend has it that this stone originated as the treasure of mermaids and has long been regarded as the lucky stone for sailors keeping them safe at sea. Because of its association with the sea, it is considered to be a gemstone of purification and cleansing, washing the mind with clear thoughts. It is said that the aquamarine gemstone has soothing effects on relationships too, so perhaps the March birthstone should be the next big choice for engagement rings!