Garnet is the birthstone for January and is believed to have some pretty powerful mystical forces. It has been a popular stone throughout history being a favourite of the King of Saxony, Plato, the Victorians and some even say Noah used a garnet stone to light the inside of the ark. It can be dated back to 3500BC, as it was found around the neck of a mummified body in Egypt.

The name garnet is derived from the Latin word for seed, ‘granatus’ due to the colour similarities between the gem stone and pomegranate seeds. In Greek mythology the pomegranate is regarded as a gift of love, which symbolises eternity; some believe garnet to be a gift of love that symbolises passion, eternity and warmth.

The mystical powers surrounding this stone played a big part in its popularity throughout the years. In medieval times people believed garnet could cure depression, protect against bad dreams and even help with diseases of the liver. This jewel is rumoured to have the ability to illuminate even the darkest rooms; not only will it illuminate physical spaces, it is meant to enhance the body and soul.

It is said that if you wear the stone close to your body it provides both energy and courage which makes it a perfect candidate for being set into all kinds of stunning jewellery.  If those weren’t reasons enough to persuade you to mark a January birthday with a garnet stone, it also encourages good health and will enhance the wearer’s imagination; it would be a gift that just keeps on giving. Not only is this stone surrounded by legend and lore, it is a dazzlingly beautiful stone that ranges in colour from red and orange to yellow and pink.

Garnet symbolises fire, courage, truth and compassion – are these the characteristics of someone you know born in January?!