08-04-13 Birthstone of the Month - AprilDiamonds are the birthstone for April and these stunning stones are surrounded by many legends and sentimental feelings. The exceptional beauty and rarity of diamonds has led to them becoming a very popular and powerful stone.

Diamonds are believed to possess magical powers such as protecting the wearer from ghosts as well as possessing magic that gives strength and courage to the wearer which makes them a popular talisman to be worn on the battlefield. Many people believe diamonds have great healing abilities and can detect and cure poisoning.

Alongside all these great and powerful attributes, diamonds are also seen as an everlasting symbol of love. Diamonds have symbolised love throughout history and can be seen adorning the ring finger of millions of people. The most popular stone for engagement rings, not only for the romanticised symbolism, but also for the hardwearing properties, we do understand that selecting the perfect diamond can be a daunting task, but our information sheet should help.

Diamonds don’t just make stunning engagement rings, but diamond set jewellery is a welcome gift for all occasions; check out our stunning range of diamond jewellery here.