Beyonce stepped out in Manhattan this morning (March 14th) with two-month-old baby Blue Ivy, who she had with rapper husband Jay-Z.

The former Destiny’s Child front woman gave her kid a sassy take on Cinderella’s style by ensuring the tot’s toes were safely cocooned in some golden slippers, though the fairy tale character’s were glass.

Blue Ivy was barely on display as she was tucked close to the singer’s chest, resting in a sling, but onlookers still had the perfect chance to ogle her Marc Jacobs’ shoes.

Not one to be outdone in the fashion stakes, Beyonce looked understated yet stylish in a beige suit, over-sized sunglasses and large hoopy earrings.

Clutching a bottle of water as she made her way down a New York street, the star looked completely at ease in her new role as a mother.

Jay-Z better get his thinking cap on, however, as mothers in the UK are set to celebrate their special day this coming Sunday (March 18th).

14-03-12 1 Beyonce dresses Blue Ivy in golden slippers