13-08-13 August birthstone - Peridot

The beautiful August birthstone – peridot – is an absolutely lovely pale green gemstone. Peridot is created under extreme heat and pressure and it can be found in rocks created by volcanoes. Hawaii’s volcanoes have produced so much peridot that the island of Oahu has beaches made from tiny grains of the gemstone.

The unique green appearance of peridot is due to the way light is refracted through the stone which creates a velvety lustre and high shine. Its striking colour has made this gemstone very popular. The ancient Romans called peridot the ‘evening emerald’ as its brilliant green colour did not darken at night and was still visible by lamplight. The Egyptians even mined the gemstone at night believing that it could not be easily seen during the day.

As well as the striking colour, peridot is said to have many healing properties and is believed to attract love and wealth making it a great symbolic gift. It is also said that peridot dispels negative emotions, promotes sleep and calms anger.

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