Taking a trip over to Ireland often means only one thing for travellers and it seems Alexandra Burke is no different.

The X Factor winner was in the Irish capital to perform live on the country’s version of The Voice but took time out of her busy schedule to make sure she sampled a pint of Guinness.

The singer posted photos to her Twitter page showing her enjoying the drink in a restaurant with her friends.

While her choice of drink may have been monochrome, her choice of accessories was certainly the opposite.

Sporting a ladies designer watch on her wrist, her nails were clearly seen holding up the glass and Alexandra had painted each one alternating shades of light and dark blue.

To give her look a really distinctive finish, the nails on her thumbs were painted bright pink.

The rest of her outfit was far more demure than the one she wore for her performance on the TV show, as she donned a pair of sequined hot pants, a studded bra and a pink jacket.

30-04-12 3 Alexandra Burke has fun in Dublin