Our jewellery trend round up for 2014 with a selection of the trends that everyone was wearing last year!


Phew, 2015 is here at last and that means it’s time for new resolutions, new starts and, for a lot of us, new diets too! It’s also a great time to look back at the year just gone and review what made 2014 unique. For us, that inevitably means looking back at the huge jewellery trends which emerged – and it was certainly a great year for those! So, without further ado, here is our jewellery trend round up for 2014:


Popcorn Bracelets


First of all, popcorn bracelets. Still a popular choice and going strong because they are such a great way to add sparkle to a look and they go with anything – throw on a couple with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as a finishing touch, or keep it simple and wear just one with a more elegant outfit, or stack them high up to your elbow and make a big statement! They are versatile and fabulous and fun!


Coloured Gemstones


Coloured gemstones have also continued to be a big trend in 2014 and we don’t think this one is going anywhere soon! Following on from the popularity of Kate Middleton’s iconic engagement ring, the popularity of sapphires, emeralds and other coloured stones has just continued to grow. The beautiful tanzanite is another example of this fashion.


Coin Pendants – Sterlina Milano


Coin pendants were another new trend in 2014 – we’d all been wondering what would follow on from the hugely popular craze for charms and charm bracelets and with designers such as Hot Diamonds and other big names introducing coin ranges this seemed to be the answer. The range of backing colours and designs available to mix and match meant that you could get just the look you wanted – every day of the week. One pendant with a hundred styles! We introduced the beautiful Sterlina Milano into selected stores this year to help you get the look for less, with styles in rose, gold and silver tones that you can personalise to suit your style.


Rose Gold


Rose gold has been huge in 2014 enjoying a big resurgence in popularity. We have a mix of styles featuring this lovely feminine tone, from diamond set designs through to rose gold plated silver and our Blush and Blaze fashion ranges. There’s something for everyone with our fantastic range and something for every budget too.


Mocha Diamonds


Connected to the craze for coloured gemstones has also been a massive new demand for coloured, known as ‘fancy’, diamonds. We were extremely excited to announce the arrival of our new range of Mocha diamonds to selected stores in 2014 – beautiful natural brown diamonds set in rose gold to combine two fantastic trends in one stunning design!


Personalised Jewellery


Finally, a late comer to the list of 2014 fashions but which already has a HUGE celebrity following and is easy to work into any style – the trend for personalised jewellery! From Beyonce to Kelly Rowland and from Rihanna to Rita Ora, this is a look that all the stars are rocking at the moment. Our own range has a great choice of designs to suit any style, including elegant script necklaces in silver and 9ct gold, and a lovely Celtic baby bangle set with a real diamond. Best of all? Our personalised selection starts from just £24.99 so that everyone can add a unique touch to their collection.


So there’s our round of our top six trends of 2014. Which ones do you think will stand the test of time and continue to be big in 2015? And what new trends do you think will join them this year? We look forward to finding out!