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Created Gemstones



Created Gemstones


The desirability and high value of gemstones today has resulted in several gems becoming expensive and therefore unobtainable by some people. This has lead to the creation of almost identical looking but inexpensive substitutes, known as created and simulated gemstones.


Synthetically created gemstones are becoming more common and more popular throughout the jewellery industry . Over the past few years the use and acceptance of synthetic and simulated gemstones has grown with these stones being recognised as gemstones in their own right not just inexpensive substitutes for natural gemstones. Jewellery made with quality synthetic stones can be just as beautiful as jewellery made with natural stones and should not be seen as an inexpensive alternative.


Created gemstones are made to be identical to the gem they are substituting in every way, even sharing the same physical properties. The only difference is that they are created in a laboratory not by nature. Some of the most popular examples of created gemstones would be created pink and blue sapphire, created emerald and created ruby. All of our created gemstones are clearly labelled as such to avoid any confusion when compared with natural stones.

These man-made gems can be made to be almost perfect, free from inclusions they are supplied in the most desirable and vibrant colours. Their relative low cost also makes it possible to produce larger sizes which lend themselves to more flamboyant designs and can be set in both yellow and white gold.

Apart from decorative and ornamental uses created gemstones, in particular rubies and sapphires, are used to produce mechanical parts and are used in watch bearings and lasers.