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Charm Candy



Charm Candy

Creating your Charm Candy Bracelet

The beauty of a Charm Candy bracelet is there are no rules or restrictions. You have the freedom to design and build your own truly unique bracelet using your carefully selected combination of charms. There is no right or wrong when it comes to creating your jewellery, the possibilities and combinations are endless but the following information should help you to get started!

Step 1: Choose your style!

The Charm Candy range consists of two styles of bracelet; the slide on bead and the ClipOn charm, the first step is to decide which style would suit you best.

Reminiscent of a more traditional charm bracelet, the ClipOn charms hang from your chosen bracelet by a small silver trigger clasp and they feature a range of plain, enamel and crystal set silver charms. The trigger clasp means the charms are securely attached to your bracelet however they are easily removed to alter the feel of your bracelet whenever you like.

The slide on bead charms thread easily onto a snake chain bracelet and can be secured on the bracelet using stopper beads. It’s easy to slide the beads off to re-arrange your pattern and theme to suit the occasion.

charm-candy-information.jpg Charm Candy information

Each style offers the flexibility to add and swap charms as often as you wish and all our charms and bracelets are made from real silver.

Step 2: Choose your bracelet!

Once you’ve decided which style to go for, there are a variety of different bracelets to choose from. The ClipOn charms easily clip on to our silver open link bracelet which can be ordered on our website. ClipOn charms can even be attached to a carrier which can then be worn as a pendant. The slide on beads fit onto a snake chain bracelet, of which we have 3 options. 2 different lengths featuring a branded magnetic clasp and our basic bracelet which features a lobster clasp. When purchasing a bracelet for your slide on charms, you will need to bear the length in mind. As your charm collections grows, the bracelet will become tighter so you may require a longer bracelet than expected. All 3 bracelets can be found on our website.

Step 3: Choose your beads!

Our website displays a selection of charms in various sizes, styles and colours. With so much choice and so many combinations you really do have the freedom to create your own piece of jewellery exactly how you wish. Some may choose to design their bracelet with a theme or colour scheme in mind, others opt for a more random collaboration, let your imagination run wild! Remember, if you're going for a slide on bead style bracelet, you may wish to purchase some stopper beads. These are often placed at each end of the bracelet to stop the beads sliding off but they can also be used to isolate your beads to one section of your bracelet to prevent movement when you first start your collection.

Step 4: Assemble your bracelet!

This is the fun part! You could spend hours trying out different combinations, patterns and themes and they can be altered as often as you wish. Simply slide or clip your charms on to your bracelet, be as creative as you wish to create your perfect piece of jewellery. Style is a personal statement.