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Canadian Ice Diamonds


Canadian Ice Diamonds:

Canadian Ice diamonds are, as their name suggests, from Canada! Mined in the Northwest Territories of the country, many from the world famous Diavik mine the master diamond cutters use highly specialised machinery as well as their skills developed over many years, to cut each Canadian Ice diamond so the natural fire and sparkle of each stone comes through as much as possible. With specialist cutting facilities using the latest in robotic cutting technology combined with the knowledge and skill of the gem cutters, Canadian Ice is a leading brand of diamond jewellery in the UK and worldwide, known for high quality and stylish designs.

With diamond rings available in 9ct gold, 18ct gold and platinum as well as earrings and pendants to match, it's certainly worth taking a closer look at this beautiful collection of diamond jewellery.

Diamonds are brought to the earth’s surface after millions of years in the making and we think you’ll agree the diamonds in Canadian Ice jewellery are worth that wait. Whether you’re choosing an engagement ring or wanting to add a lovely piece of jewellery to your collection, the designs available are simply stunning. Classic, timeless styles available at an excellent price whether you buy in one of our shops or online.

Canadian Ice Diamond Verification:

You may be surprised to hear that each of the principle diamonds in a Canadian Ice design is laser engraved with a unique identification number. This reference, starting CID, includes the Maple Leaf mark of the Canadian Ice brand and is listed on the accompanying birth certificate. Only visible through a jewellers loupe with significant magnification, this is there purely for your piece of mind; the laser detail in no way inhibits the diamond from radiating it's natural brilliance and fire. A brilliant cut diamond has 58 facets and we can assure you, the diamonds in the Canadian Ice range really do sparkle and catch the light!

Many of our customers like the idea of buying a piece of jewellery featuring a Canadian Ice diamond as they like the reassurance that the diamond is definitely conflict free. Although all of our suppliers adhere to the Kimberley Process with a Canadian Ice ring you have an extra level of assurance that it’s 100% conflict free. We also know many grooms choose a Canadian Ice engagement ring as they’re fans of the TV series Ice Road Truckers which features deliveries being made to the Diavic mine in the heart of winter over the ice roads.

The Birth Certificate:

Each piece of jewellery in this collection undergoes a detailed examination by a GIA qualified Gemologist who grades the colour and clarity of the diamonds, using the internationally recognised standards. The certificate card also confirms the specific identification number of the larger diamonds contained in the piece and of course a photo for identification. The Canadian Ice certificate number is also engraved on the piece of jewellery so you can be confident the certificate you have matches the item. We also think this birth certificate is a great way for you to have a record for your insurance company of the Canadian Ice jewellery you own and would strongly recommend you keep it safe.