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Blue Topaz

Birthstone: November

Anniversary stone: 23rd year of marriage

Blue Topaz


Found in several places around the world including Australia, Brazil, Russia, Norway and China, topaz in its natural state is usually colourless. Blue and pink topaz do occur naturally but are extremely rare. Treatment, using heat and chemicals is applied to obtain the wide variety of colours we recognise today . Topaz is available in all colours of the rainbow including pink, blue, yellow and orange-pink, even variegated with hints of green and red. Its striking colour combined with its beauty, durability and affordability makes topaz jewellery ideal for all occasions.

Blue topaz is the most popular of the topaz family with its brilliant blue colour making it one of the best known gemstones today. Its name is believed to be derived from the Greek word “topazos”, the ancient name for St John's Island in the Red Sea, or from the Sanskrit “tapas” meaning “ fire ”.


The vivid sky blue colour of the stunning blue topaz gemstone has led to its increasing popularity over the last ten years. Blue topaz is extremely versatile, lending itself to a variety of different cuts and styles, the most popular of which is the oval cut which is used a lot in dress rings, whereas emerald cuts are often used to show of f its pure colour to the best advantage. This versatile gem works well with most precious metals and can be set in yellow or white gold jewellery in both modern and traditional styles .

The Mohs’ scale measures a gems relative hardness on a scale of 1 to 10 based on the stones “scratchability”. Diamond is the hardest at 10, sapphire and rubies measure 9, with pearl at around 3 ½ and amber at 2 ½. Blue topaz is a hard gemstone measuring 8 on the Mohs’ scale.

Care and Cleaning:

Blue topaz is a very hard wearing gemstone making it perfect for everyday wear . As with any fine jewellery, care should be taken to avoid knocking this gemstone to prevent damage. To keep this stone looking beautiful and to remove any dust and dirt, it is best to clean it with mild soap, warm water and a toothbrush.

Legend and Lore:

Topaz is a highly romantic gem featuring regularly in the titles of romance novels and honeymoon destinations. Blue topaz is said to strengthen confidence and help in making the correct decisions. It is also believed to give courage to follow through on choices. Blue topaz is also the state gemstone for Texas.